Thang Loi – Ngoc Vung: A must-see tourism route in summer

10 April, 2023

Thang Loi – Ngoc Vung has currently emerged as the most beautiful island route within Bai Tu Long Bay.

On the route of about 20-30 nautical miles from Vung Duc to the island communes of Thang Loi and Ngoc Vung, visitors have a chance to admire the beautiful scenery of the sea, mountains and rocks in green and blue.

Bai Tu Long Bay, located in the northeast of Ha Long Bay, is a concave area in the Gulf of Tonkin, northeast of Vietnam. The bay is a sea area belong to Ha Long City, bordered with Cam Pha county town in the west, Co To district in the northeast and East sea in the east.

The bay comprises hundreds of large and small islands, of which Thang Loi and Ngoc Vung are the most equisite ones which are located about 40km off the shore of Van Don island district. These islands are separated from the center of the main island and have beautiful beaches, suitable for tourists staying the night on the island.

Cong Dong island (Thang Loi commune) used to be the place where the main wharfs of the ancient Van Don trading port were located.
Bustling ships arrive the wharf, and residents prepare nets for the next trip.
The system of buoys at oyster farms in Thang Loi island look like giant white flowers on the sea surface.
Fishermen in Thang Loi island commune harvest Pacific oysters.
It takes about 45 minutes from Thang Loi to Ngoc Vung island commune.
Truong Chinh beach in Ngoc Vung island
Fishermen go fishing when the sun rises on the sea.
Residents collect snails at Phuong Hoang rapids – one of the places considered the “golden beach” on Ngoc Vung island.

By Ta Quan

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