Impressive Lang Da Communal House Festival 2023

15 February, 2023


The festival of Lang Da Communal House was organized at Lang Da hamlet in Ba Che district’s Thanh Lam commune within two days from January 30, or the 9th day of the first lunar month.

Bài vị Thành Hoàng làng được cán bộ, nhân dân các dân tộc trên địa bàn huyện rước xung quanh thôn Làng Dạ.
The procession of the village’s God”s citadel

Lang Da Communal House worships the village’s God, the founder who reclaimed wild land and set up the village. 

Các đại biểu và nhân dân thực hiện nghi lễ cuốc hố tra hạt cầu mong mưa thuận gió hòa, mùa mùa bội thu.
The authorities and local people are digging holes to sow the very first seed into the ground.

The festival included a range of traditional rituals such as erecting Tet pole, worshing the village’s God, taking part in the procession of the ancestral tablet of the village’s God, incensing, digging holes to set seed and taking down the Tet pole. 

After these rituals, there were some interesting competitions such as Cooc-mo cake wrapping, rice cooking, volleyball and a number of folk games. 

This annual festival aims to contribute to the preservation of the local culture and the enrichment of the people’s spiritual life. 

The cake wrapping competition

By Ngoc Loi


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