Ha Long Bay, Vietnam team secures fifth place in homecoming

11 March, 2024


The majestic islands of Ha Long Bay welcomed home its namesake yacht as it sailed into the port in fifth place during the latest leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. After a thrilling 21-day journey, Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam crossed the Finish Line at 17:40:26 UTC on 18 February, greeted by dignitaries and crowds and an awe-inspiring backdrop of natural beauty.

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam arriving on Friday 18 February

Throughout the race, the Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam team demonstrated unwavering determination, consistently pushing for a leading position among the fleet. Despite navigating through challenging patches of lighter winds and opting out of the Scoring Gate route, the team showcased remarkable resilience and strategic prowess.

Skipper Josh Stickland shared his thoughts on securing fifth place: “We were the fastest boat at times, and at others, the slowest, but to clinch a mid-fleet position is truly fantastic.”

For Sarah Nelson, a member of the team from the UK and a deep connection to Viet Nam, the race marked a poignant homecoming: “Having lived in Viet Nam for the past nine years, this journey feels like a return to familiar territory.”

Olaf Kaden, a circumnavigator on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam, marvelled at the opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Vietnam”s iconic bay for the first time. “It’s a remarkable moment to witness the beauty of Ha Long Bay and embrace this leg of the Clipper Race.”

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam team arrives into port

As Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam team celebrates its achievements, the team will enjoy a stopover in its home port, enjoying everything the region has to offer.


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