Ha Long Bay among the four idyllic seaside places: Travel+Leisure

16 February, 2023


The world heritage site of Ha Long Bay has been selected among the four idyllic seaside places across Asia to watch sunrise and sunset by US magazine Travel Leisure.

A corner of Ha Long Bay
A corner of Ha Long Bay

The magazine introduced Ha Long Bay as a tourism mecca in Asia. It is made up of numerous magnificent limestone islands topped with rain forests and caves, many undiscovered.

It recommends that the best way to avoid the bustle is to dodge the day trips and do a two-night cruise. This will allow visitors to take in clusters of islands too far for day-trippers or overnighters to get to, and allow them to surrender to the rhythms of the sea and the sun.

“Once afloat you can watch both sunrise and sunset from the deck—its ascent over the Gulf of Tonkin and denouement behind the slew of islands, bays and iconic limestone outcrops. Then wait a while longer… because it’s the blue hour, that twilight time between dusk and darkness, when the locals believe Ha Long Bay is at its most beautiful,” the magazine said.

Other three places Travel Leisure recommends for sunset and sunrise watching in Asia are Romblon Island in Philippines, Kuakata Beach in Bangladesh, and Kenting National Park in Taiwan (China).

By Phuong Loan

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