Embracing Ha Long Bay: Race Crew experience best of Quang Ninh province

3 March, 2024


As part of the Clipper Race’s stopover in Ha Long Bay, the Quang Ninh Online News offered Race Crew the chance to visit the pride of Ha Long Bay’s tourist hotspots on a walking tour.

Image: Race Crew enjoy the local delicacies

Best known for the beautiful bay, rock formations and emerald-green sea that the fleet is currently berthed in, the tour was a chance for proud locals to share some of the hidden gems of Ha Long that are easily reachable on foot.

The day began at the Quang Ninh Museum, an impressive architectural structure that shares the rich heritage of the province. Guided through the museum”s halls, artifacts and exhibits told stories of ancient civilizations, maritime trade routes, and the cultural tapestry that defined the region. From the towering limestone rock formations of Ha Long Bay to the bustling markets of Ha Long City, every corner of Quang Ninh has a tale to tell.

Image: Race Crew learning about the heritage of Quang Ninh province

Race Crew Chris Carroll from Qingdao said: “It has been enlightening to learn about the many different traditions and cultures. It is a fascinating place, and I am really pleased I have learnt more about it while here.”

Continuing the tour to near Bai Tho Mountain, the crew made a stop at the Duc Ong Tran Quoc Nghien Temple, a sacred site nestled at the mountain’s foothills. The temple was dedicated to honouring Hung Vu Vuong Tran Quoc Nghien, renowned as one of the province’s most talented generals. He was the son of Hung Doo Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, one of Vietnam’s revered heroes, listed among the 14 typical heroes of the nation.

Image: Ornate carvings at Duc Ong Tran Quoc Nghien Temple

Throughout the tranquil grounds of the temple, Race Crew enjoyed the ornate carvings and vibrant colours synonymous with Vietnam’s religious architecture.

The last part of the tour was a traditional Vietnamese lunch. Ha Long Bay is renowned for its unique gastronomy, and Race Crew got to taste local delicacies such as squid cakes and traditional dumplings.

Image: Race Crew try the local delicacies of squid cakes and dumplings

Race Crew Ciska Kruger from Zhuhai said: “The food was a wonderful experience. We tried the local delicacy of squid ball and dumplings, along with a lovely broth. It is great tobe given the opportunity to do this.”

Race Crew Han Van Roosmalen from Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam said:“I really liked this trip. Especially the very well thought out museum tour followed by the walking tour from the boulevard to the temples. The guides were very helpful and knowledgeable, having visited Ha Long Bay back in 1999 it was fascinating to see how much it has changed.”


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