Cua Van – A peaceful ancient fishing village in Halong Bay

15 February, 2023


Situated in the core area of Halong Bay, Cua Van village has long been a must-visit destination within this world heritage site.

Tourists visit Cua Van Floating Cultural Center.

Cua Van is the largest of all the floating fishing villages along the islets of Ha Long Bay with over 170 houses roped together. The backyard view of emerald water and jutting limestone karsts is really marvelous.

In addition to breathtaking scenery, the village has left distinct impressions visitors due to its long-held invaluable cultural values which contribute to creating and diversifying tourism products and services in Ha Long Bay.

Tourists have a chance to enjoy folk love songs in the quiet, peaceful and charming space.

Visiting this village, tourists will be amazed at the historical sites and the cobble stone streets; they will also immerse themselves in the quiet, peaceful and charming space, admire the charming natural scenery, enjoy the love songs or manually doing the work associated with the lives of local people.

Cua Van was listed the world’s 16 most beautiful villages by Journeyetc.com, a travel advisory website in 2019 and was recognized as one of the most breathtaking coastline villages around the world by Travel & Leisure, a travel magazine that provides useful guidance on and latest information about the travel market.

By Ha Phong


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