Bình Ngọc, a hidden gem of pristine beauty and tranquillity

30 January, 2024


Bình Ngọc remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, making it an incredibly peaceful destination. Visitors can go camping, picnicking and swimming.

Bình Ngọc Beach stretches over 7km and connects to Trà Cổ Beach. — Photos courtesy of Móng Cái City”s Department of Culture and Information

If you are seeking a destination of pristine beauty, peace and clarity for a weekend getaway, Bình Ngọc is an ideal suggestion.

From Móng Cái City in Quảng Ninh Province, you can travel down and cross Trà Bình Bridge to reach a fork. Turning left takes you to Trà Cổ, while turning right leads to Bình Ngọc.

Your first impression of this land will be its breathtaking beauty and refreshing atmosphere. Rows of tall, green casuarinas line the spacious, clean concrete road, as if welcoming you. On the green grasslands, buffaloes leisurely graze, and white storks stand silently, waiting to catch flies.

Bình Ngọc is viewed from above.

Bình Ngọc is one of the key tourism routes in Quảng Ninh Province, namely the Hạ Long – Móng Cái – Bình Ngọc – Trà Cổ route. Along this route, visitors can explore attractions such as Móng Cái Market, Móng Cái border gate, as well as sites in Trà Cổ and Bình Ngọc. These sites include communal houses, ancient pagodas and offer opportunities for swimming in the sea as well as visits to Sa Vĩ Cape and Ngọc Cape.

Bình Ngọc Beach stretches over 7km and connects to Trà Cổ Beach. It boasts fine white sand and offers clear blue seawater throughout the year. During low tide, cars and motorbikes can drive close to the water’s edge.

One of the highlights of Bình Ngọc is a road flanked by tall, green casuarina trees.

As you gaze into the vast expanse of sea and sky, a beautiful watercolour painting unfolds before your eyes. The shades of blue gradually transition from light to dark, blending harmoniously with the colours of the sky and mountains.

Bình Ngọc remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, making it an incredibly peaceful destination. Visitors can go camping, picnicking and swimming.

One of Bình Ngọc’s highlights is a road flanked by tall, green casuarina trees. This road is known as the most poetic road in Móng Cái, for the memorable experience of cycling along it, drawing in the fresh, cool air while admiring the lush green surroundings.

Đá Đen Beach in Bình Ngọc.

To the east of Bình Ngọc at the foot of Ngọc Mountain, a picturesque arc unfolds with natural wonders like the Đá Đen area, Vụng Chè area, and Ngọc Sơn Beach. Đá Đen, nestled at the foot of Ngọc Mountain, is adorned with numerous black rocks resembling the fingers of Ngọc Mountain reaching out to embrace the beach.

Unlike other areas in the border city, Bình Ngọc exudes an unusually peaceful and quiet ambiance, evoking the sense of returning to a tranquil countryside. Apart from its natural blessings and beautiful landscapes, Bình Ngọc is also rich in cultural traditions and historical relics associated with the history of building hamlets and villages. It reflects the distinctive cultural features of fishermen in the northeast sea. Notable landmarks in Bình Ngọc include the Bình Ngọc Communal House, Thành Hoàng Temple and Gạnh Út Temple.

The most unique is the hundred-year-old Bình Ngọc Communal House, dating from the establishment of Bình Ngọc Commune in the early 20th century. This communal house serves as a testament to the area’s ups and downs throughout history. It is a place that bears witness to the historical process, conquering nature and exploring the borderlands.

Visitors join an unforgettable experience known as “A Day as a Fisherman” in Bình Ngọc.

In addition to exploring the beautiful and pristine natural landscapes, visitors can join the experience known as “A Day as a Fisherman” on Đá Đen Beach. This unique sea tourism product allows participants to immerse themselves in the life of a real fisherman, venturing out to the sea to pull nets, catch seafood, and prepare and savour traditional dishes in the manner of coastal residents.

Amidst the green trees and refreshing breezes carrying the distinctive salty tang, tourists will embrace a serene atmosphere of the vast ocean.

While visiting Bình Ngọc to appreciate its stunning scenery and engage in exciting activities, it would be a mistake to overlook the local cuisine. Bình Ngọc is renowned for its abundance of delicious seafood dishes, including shrimp, crab, fish, squid and snail.

Among the famous OCOP (One Commune One Product) products of Bình Ngọc, sweet potatoes stand out. These delectable specialties are must-try delicacies for any traveller looking to explore and experience the wonders of Bình Ngọc.

Visitors are happy with their catch.

With its unique landscape, cultural values, and convenient transportation links, Bình Ngọc tourism is poised for development.


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