Binh Lieu Yellow Season festival to open on October 15

25 October, 2023


As part of the culture – tourism week, the yellow season festival of Binh Lieu is going to be launched on October 15 at Luc Hon commune.

Tourists find it exciting to wear San Chi women”s traditional costumes.

As planned, the event will consist of many special programs such as the So flower festival, night markets, cultural and sports exchange activities, folk games, San Chi women’s soccer, etc.

These activities bear the cultural identity of ethnic communities in Binh Lieu and some localities in the north-eastern region.

The border district of Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh province has become a new destination for tourists in recent years thanks to its primitive beauty. The district, which is around 270 kilometres from Hanoi, is known for its fresh air, beautiful landscapes and various ethnic minority groups.

The time from October to November is the most beautiful season in Binh Lieu, giving tourists a great chance to explore a “paradise” of flowering pampas grass, the “dinosaur spine” (the paths on the top of mountains), border markers, along with many other unique destinations including Luc Na Communal House, Hoanh Mo Border Gate, the Cao Son flower garden, Khe Van Waterfall, Song Mooc Waterfall, Cao Ba Lanh Mountain, and Cao Ly Mountain. A running tourney named “Dinosaur Spine – Marker 1305” also promises a worth-to-try experience.

To capitalise on these advantages, it has stepped up tourism promotion and investment attraction to this sector. Besides, it is working to implement a plan on sustainable tourism development in tandem with poverty reduction and socio-economic development in Binh Lieu. Other plans on preserving and promoting the cultural values of San Chi people in Luc Ngu village of Huc Dong commune and Dao people in Song Mooc village of Dong Van commune will also be carried out soon.

The district hopes to welcome 150,000 tourist arrivals in 2023 and over 800,000 by 2030.

By Duy Khoa


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