Bach Dang traditional festival kicked off

21 May, 2023


The traditional festival of Bach Dang opened on April 25 at Tran Hung Dao temple – Vua Ba shrine in Quang Yen town mark the 1085th (938-2023), 1042th (981-2023) and 735th (1288-2023) anniversaries of the Bach Dang Victories.

Art performances featured local cultural values at the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony comprised excellent art performances and a latern releasing ritual.

Important rituals such as incense offerings and the procession of the Tran Hung Dao statue were organized this morning, April 26.

During the four-day event, local people and visitors have been experiencing interesting activities such as a calligraphy exhibition, an OCOP trade fair, folk music performances, folk games, etc.

A play illustrated the victory of Bach Dang against the Mongols in 1288.

Located in the marshy zone of Yen Giang Commune, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province, Bach Dang heritage site was officially recognized as one of Vietnam’s historic vestiges on March 22, 1988; the 700th anniversary of a great victory at Bach Dang against Mongol invaders.

The well-known battle on the Bach Dang River in 1288 under the leadership of General Tran Hung Dao was a glorious victory, which marked in the Vietnamese history against the invaders. It was an evidence of the glorious feat of arms and force of 7,000,000kg rice food led by Truong Van who went to Thang Long by road and water way.

People and tourists released floating lanterns at the ancient wharf on the relic site.
Bach Dang traditional festival will last unitl April 28.

The ruling Tran Court organized a plan of strategic withdrawal, and established guerrilla warfare to wear down their enemy. The invading forces dwindled, tried by both the climate and the constant attacks and were forced to withdraw. Tran Hung Dao had his men plant steel-tipped wooden stakes in the bed of the Bach Dang River to create a line of defense blocking the Mongol retreat.

Bach Dang historical site was recognized as a Special National Relic in 2013. Quang Ninh province has taken effective measures to continue raising the value of this historical site since a planning scheme on expanding and developing the Bach Dang heritage site was also approved by the Government.

By Ta Quan


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