Amazing way to view beautiful Halong Bay – from above

9 August, 2023


There are many ways to explore Halong Bay like cruising on boats, junks or a luxury cruise like Halong Bay cruise Orchid. However, Halong Bay looks extremely different from another vantage point – above.

Halong Bay is famous for its terrific beauty, with thousands of limestone karst caves and structures. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists visit this charming place every day.

Any Halong Bay sunset and sunrise is worth its weight in gold. It is when the sun hits the water between spectacular limestone peaks and emerald green coves.

To see Halong Bay differently, a seaplane tour is a unique opportunity worth checking out. (Photo: VNA)
Thousands of islands with all shapes in the middle of the vast sky, creating unique wonders for Halong Bay. (Photo: VNA)
From above, you will feel the beauty of the sea in the sunset, and the smallness of man before nature here. (Photo: VNA)
The adjacent islands create miniature bays, where boats leave anchors. (Photo: VNA)
The best times for the most stunning views are six in the morning and four-thirty in the afternoon since watching the sunrise and sunset on Halong Bay is absolutely beyond comprehension from these points of view. (Photo: VNA)
Stunning view of Halong Bay from seaplane. (Photo: Hai Au Aviation)
A corner of Halong Bay from above. (Photo: Hai Au Aviation)
Way leads to Height 177. (Photo: halonghub.com)
Queen Telpher is also a great way to get the top Halong Bay viewpoint. (Photo: Zing.vn)


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